Keeping Your Ambition Level in Check

🦋hen you have a strong desire to do or achieve something, and then you reach the day when you wonder why you ever started "IT" read on:
The honeymoon phase is amazing - you are swimming in so much possibility and everyone is excited for you! Then the time comes to flip the possibility into a probability. This is where you may feel isolated, but you are just being tested:
> How dedicated are you?
> How bad do you really want "IT"?
At this point, if your possibility is too big (too heavy), it will be very hard to flip. You will either keep trying and exhausting yourself or simply walk away.
But, there is another way...
1 - Acknowledge that "IT" takes a lot of guts, determination and hard work to bring to life.
2 - Know that this is where most people stop or quit or aimlessly throw money into "IT."
3 - Understand that this is the time to step back and ask yourself some tough questions to reevaluate "IT."
First, view your relationship with ambition:
1 - Why are you so ambitious or not ambitious enough?
(view internal and external motivations)
2 - What level of ambition did you aim for?
(view the size to see if your estimated completion is realistic)
3 - What do you hope will happen when you achieve "IT" - success?
(view your business model and motivations to see if you are on the right track)
Second, review your method to get to success and ask yourself these tough questions:
1 - Have you been taking the steps that are right for YOU?
2 - Do you know what the 3 next best steps are?
3 - Are you ready or prepared* to take the 3 next best steps?
(*ready is much more immediate than prepared)
Third, take this important step back while remembering that you are trying to change the world while starting with nothing (navigating the unknown!!). If you really want "IT" to happen, dig deep for an extra boost of strength and determination to complete the necessary hard work...
Put in the effort today to become effortless in the future!
BTW - No matter where in the world I am, I'm still working on my "IT" right beside you.

What is your (IT)?


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