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Growing Seeds of Potential into Possibility

Ever see that commercial with Pinocchio acting as a bad motivational speaker? He’s on stage telling each person “… I see nothing, but untapped potential in each of you.” Their smiles steadily get bigger and heads start enthusiastically nodding… then his nose keeps growing longer and the smiles quickly turn upside down into frowns. Did that puppet boy really lie? Yes! Pinocchio didn’t believe in the crowd, so not only did he lie but he judged them on their surface appearance. No wonder he failed. But, seriously if we don’t have possibility, which starts with seeds of potential, we’ll just “safely” exist (mediocrity) and never feel truly alive (greatness). Essentially, possibility is simply the ability to be possible… which means IT* is not out of your control because you can control the ability part with your ambition. But if you are unsure, scared or too busy, ground yourself first. Been thinking about an idea, but don’t know where to start? Or do you want to

Keeping Your Ambition Level in Check

🦋 hen you have a strong desire to do or achieve something, and then you reach the day when you wonder why you ever started "IT" read on: The honeymoon phase is amazing - you are swimming in so much possibility and everyone is excited for you! Then the time comes to flip the possibility into a probability. This is where you may feel isolated, but you are just being tested: > How dedicated are you? > How bad do you really want "IT"? At this point, if your possibility is too big (too heavy), it will be very hard to flip. You will either keep trying and exhausting yourself or simply walk away. But, there is another way... 1 - Acknowledge that "IT" takes a lot of guts, determination and hard work to bring to life. 2 - Know that this is where most people stop or quit or aimlessly throw money into "IT." 3 - Understand that this is the time to step back and ask yourself some tough questions to reevaluate "IT." First, view y

Grounding Yourself when You're Unsure

🦋 hen you are feeling unsure, scattered or overwhelmed, instead of distracting yourself, try gravitating toward grounded people or embody 1 of their 9 traits to regain your footing (aka sanity). Emotionally speaking, these may be the healthiest individuals you’ll ever know! Here are the 9 Traits of the Most Grounded People in Your Life: 1-Unshakeable. [Stay Calm] 2-Reliable. [Show Up] 3-Possess an unwavering moral compass. [Higher Standard] 4-Humble. [No Bragging] 5-Healthy self-esteem. [Quiet Belief in Abilities] 6-Don't worry. [Can Handle it Attitude] 7-Stand up for what's right. [Unpreachy Stance] 8-Don't conform so people will like them. [Uncompelled to Follow the Pack] 9-Encourage others to succeed. [True Potential Partner] Source: 9 Traits of the Most Grounded People in Your Life By Christina DesMarais Contributor,  Inc. Magazine  cc: @salubriousdish # Grounding   # PersonalPower   # OwnIT Blog is written by Kathy Bass ( www.iK